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FG#Community was created as the outreach sector of the #FG Brand (#FashionGlamorii, #FashionGladiator). It was a vision birthed out of the mind of Brenda Bailey, the owner of S.T.Y.L.E. the parent company of #FG and Baileys Boutique. She saw a need in the community and in the youth that far surpassed the resources they had at their disposal. So she decided to take action and work towards becoming a provider to the needs of her community.

FG#Community is a not for profit organization that has been designed as a resource initiative for the community. It is our goal to positively impact our community through the programming, services and events that we create. There is definitely a need for a more robust and diverse resource channel and that’s what we offer.

This website is where you will find all the information that you need in regards to our upcoming events and projects. Our “Youth Initiatives”, IAP and PRINCE, are also highlighted here. FG# is committed to Paying IT Forward. We believe that investing in our youth and our community is a priority and a necessity. We believe in being proactive and encouraging positive social change.





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